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There are many things that can go wrong in your house and unfortunately, mould is a very common yet damaging part of this list of problems. Not only can mould make your house weaker structurally and provide a horrible look and smell within rooms, but it can provide genuine health risks to you and those who work or stay within your property. Therefore, it is very important that you have any mould damage or suspected mould damage dealt with as quickly as possible.

It is absolutely essential to arrange a professional consultation that can take in the full extent and scope of the damage. Mould is mostly commonly caused by water damage and this can go unchecked for many months, until you walls start coming out in a disgusting black substance that can not only leave you needing extensive wall repairs but also can leave you with a lot of other issues throughout the rest of the room or house.

There are many common signs of mould presence within a room, and if you notice any of these symptoms you should contact us immediately so we can survey the potential risk to those who use the building;

  • Visible mould on the walls – tends to be a dark or black substance
  • Strong odours within the room that are impossible to fully mask
  • Any moisture or damp on the walls that is in any way noticeable
  • A damp feel to a room when you walk in
  • Too much humidity in a room

These are all conventional signs of mould within a room and if you have any of these issues, then we at Canada’s Restoration Services can provide a quick and prompt response. Mould can affect your health in many negative ways and especially in the case of young children it’s not something you should ever take a chance on. If you have recently have dampness in your home or any water damage, it’s imperative that you carry out any mould restoration needs immediately before they become too much.

We can help you solve any problems with mould within your household before it reaches a critical stage. Mould growth can be contained and repaired with ease so long as it is caught before it starts to deteriorate the integrity of the room entirely. Thankfully, the signs above are clearly visible by then so with a little bit of vigilance you should notice these symptoms before they become a true problem.

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